the spaces between!

is finished!!
all done, ready to go! being released on CocoMuse Releases sometime this winter – ish. Yay – thanks Regan (hearts)
Next –  get the cover ready……thanks to Anet Neutze for a spectacular embroidery.
here’s a link to Falling Light the first single

Curious , this releasing a recording thing. I will be going very carefully as I send these songs out into the world.

The Spaces Between

yes, most definitely what my record is called.
and!! it is almost finished!
and!! it also sound amazing – although I am, of course, biased…

the cast has steadily grown since we last spoke – the lovely Deidre has added some vocal sparkle on 2 tunes, and her trusty egg (think : shake, shake) on another.
Alexander Griffin, son number 2 has put some slide mandolin magic on Bones & Lies, which, actually you could watch a live-with-just-me playing version of  here filmed by Jacque Ruston in November 2015….
Bones & Lies does have the largest cast of all the songs – 6! – Alexander, Gabriel, Deirdre, Alastair Galbraith, and Peter Stapleton  – fitting for a backwoods tune!
Alastair is on 2 other songs as well, playing some sublime violin on My Wish, and Ghost Boy
Mick Elborado has laid down some perfect farfisa on Rising Tide
My wonderful producer and sound engineer Forbes Williams has contributed to Stardust – the song really took on another dimension with his addition
Alan Haig plays some very beautiful and just perfect piano on Magdalena……

I LOVE recording!

We all fall down

It is not the day that makes me,

but rather; it is the day that I make

as Micheal McLeod of the brilliant Shifting Sands sings: we all fall down,

it is in the picking up that we show ourselves who we love – first and foremost, our selves – if we are true to who we really are – not who we/family/friends/community think we ought to be, but who we truly, viscerally are inside. We will pick us up with love, with understanding, with a shrug,  with a ‘shit happens’ pat on the shoulder…..

Inside us, ‘stuff’ doesn’t matter – how we feel matters.

we make our day,

our day does not make us

the spaces between

what my new record will be called – at this stage anyway


yes! a new record(ing)!! exciting, and a long long time coming.

started in April 2015 with Forbes Williams at the Anteroom here in Port Chalmers, able assistance/cheerleading from Deirdre Newall.

ten songs, ranging from quiet to raucous, acoustic guitar by itself to electric guitar with drums. Drumming courtesy of Gabriel Griffin.

whacked down the vocals in August, now to send tracks out into the networks to friendly musicians who will be adding their bits.

oh, and off to the cover artiste so as she can do her magic!